Uzy Korporatsiya

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Uzy Korporatsiya
Uzy Corp Logo.png
General data
HeadEvgeni Vorsek

Uzy Korporatsiya is a major crime syndicate from Russia.

History[edit | edit source]

The origin of Uzy Korp is a checkered and bloody one, beginning as a collection of criminal families in Russia.

Each family fought for control over business, land and power for generations. Ever increasing violence threatened to destroy them all, until an enterprising member of one of these families rose to power.

Evgeni Vorsek, head of the Vorsek family, had grown tired of the bloodshed, and in a bold and ultimately decisive move, he gathered the leaders of the other families to set about righting centuries of bad blood.

He presented his goal, to unify the houses and create a dynasty to rival empires of old. While not without its detractors, his vision appealed to the tired and beaten heads of the families, and over the next few years, he began to bring them together under one banner.

As well as uniting the families, he also slowly turned Uzy Korp’s shady transactions into legitimate business opportunities. Their illegal dealings are now behind them, and the families no longer fight amongst themselves, however they are well known for defending their interests if threatened, with the fierceness only a family can possess.

Structure[edit | edit source]

These days, the Uzy Korp have a monopoly over the industrial production of armor and mechs. They also control the transportation and shipping of goods throughout the City and the neighbouring reigns. From canned food to super weapons, if it needs to be moved somewhere, you can be sure the Uzy Korp will be involved.

Ronin Industries is one of the major corporations controlled by the Russian mob.

Gallery[edit | edit source]