Super Particle Accelerator

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Super Particle Accelerator
General Equipment Data
Item IDITEM_91
EffectDamage Increase

A Super Particle Accelerator is a piece of gear in Satellite Reign.

Description[edit | edit source]

Since extra-dimensional travel was first attempted, scientists have gone crazy sending stuff through the void just to see what happens on its way back. The results have mostly been horrific.

However, the Super Particle Accelerator manages to open a small void for particles to flow through. On their returns, the particles are found to vibrate at a frequency unobtainable by other means. These "super accelerated" particles cause the weapon to deal much more damage than previously possible.

For fear of ripping a permanent hole in the fabric of space-time, the system will only allow the void to be open for a short period before cooling down, and preserving the universe.