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SR Eternals.png
General data
TypePopular movement, research and development consortium

The Eternals are a major organization in Satellite Reign.

History[edit | edit source]

The beginnings of The Eternals are linked with the rise of Steven Dengler’s company, Dracogenics, specifically when he created the Resurrection technology (we need a cool name for this!). This technology allowed a person to transfer consciousness from one body to another, allowing any who could afford the new procedure to effectively live forever.

Their core belief is in the superiority of augmentations over the frailty of flesh, our physical being a mere husk for the ultimate evolution of mankind. As such, they seek to move all of humanity towards a new enlightened digital era. They are not so much a company as a movement, or an ideal (some would say a cult), however the sheer volume of followers and the goal of the movement has shaped them into the leading organisation in the field of augmentation research and development.

They revere Dengler as the ultimate goal for humanity; a being who had successfully broken free from the shackles of mortality, replacing flesh with superior augmentations. Though the vast majority of the followers of this newly developed movement could not afford access to the mind transfer technology, they still have the means to strip away their fragile flesh, replacing it with longer lasting metal and wires, bringing them one step closer to eternal life at Dengler’s side. The Eternals have become a money-making juggernaut, and are the key driving force behind much of the latest advancements in augmentation technology in the world.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Dracogenics have a wierd relationship with the Eternals, both seperate companies but Denglers is held in such high regard by the fanatics, all because of his resurection tech.

Technology[edit | edit source]

The Eternals are super augmented, with better aim, highly customised weapons... They pack a mean punch. These guys tend to like their shields, making at least 1 laser weapon on the team mandatory.